Irrigation Water Recovery System

Environmental demands and water shortage have put a lot of strain on the irrigation and water usage in Greenhouses; this was the reason for developing the IRRI-FLOW technology.

Savery Canada Inc. in conjunction with the staff of Advanced Membrane Designs L.L.C has developed high recovery water treatment technology allowing a 90%+ re-use of the irrigation water in greenhouses utilizing a combination of membrane technology and UV treatment.

Contrary to heat treatment, the IRRI-FLOW™ Technology has complete control over the water composition, mineral balance of the irrigation water as well as a 99.9 %+ elimination of bacteria and toxins. This allows for maximum yields of greenhouse crops while minimizing water consumption and optimizing the fertilizer usage.

The System includes the following components:

  1. Balance Tank
  2. NovHidro Pre-filtration unit
  3. Membrane unit for irrigation re-use
  4. Trojan UVMax UV unit for post sterilization
  5. RO unit for water make-up
  6. Interconnecting piping and pumps
  7. Stainless Steel Skid
  8. PLC control system
Designed by: Exomark